Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Larson. In these uncertain times, a lot of people are feeling the stress to their mind and body. And I’m hearing from a lot of people with concerns about brain fog, lack of focus, anxiety, depression. Just an overall sense of unwellness and lack of normal wellbeing, and maybe a lack of energy.

And we talked recently about the neurobiological non-negotiables, things that you can start incorporating into your life right away, and literally the next day they can already start to make you feel better. Things like optimizing your sleep, getting out in nature, doing some gratitude practice, doing some mindfulness, some recovery. Doing various things that really support your system like meditation, getting a sauna, or getting a massage. Doing things that deposit into the system instead of withdrawing all the time. I think we’re subjected to so much information, a lot of it negative, that it’s kind of sucking the energy out of us. And it’s stressful to a lot of really key parts of our physiology, especially the HPA axis, or hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. Hypothalamus and pituitary are two components of the brain that communicate with our adrenal glands, and I think many people’s HPA axis is kind of blown out. 

We discussed those non-negotiables, and you can go back and listen to that one. I think it’s vital that people start to incorporate these things in order to raise their threshold for stress so they’ll have better stamina and better energy to withstand the stressors that are out there.


Another thing that I’m incorporating often, in fact it’s something that I’m definitely taking, is a product called SR-Adrenal. SR-Adrenal has some really key nutrients in it. First of all, and the thing that I like best about it, is that it has some really great adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbal botanicals that bolster and support the whole HPA axis and really raise our stress threshold. There are things like ashwagandha and rhodiola and eleutherococcus and ginseng. And what’s nice is that they’re in really therapeutic doses, and they’re all together in the same product.

-Dr. Chad Larson


Also in here are a variety of cofactors for adrenal hormone support and production. These nutrients are in finite amounts in our system, and during a stressful time we can burn through those nutrients faster than they’re being put back in. So a supplement like this has the right nutrients to support normal adrenal hormone production. That, along with the adaptogens that are in here, provides really great support to improve our stamina and increase our resistance to stress. It’s something that you can use in addition to a healthy diet and the other neurobiological non-negotiables that we talked about recently. Incorporating all these things, including taking a supplement like this, can support our energy overall and really support the whole HPA axis which is getting really inundated today.

So if you start to feel some of those symptoms, or if that’s something that you’ve been experiencing for the past several months or the past year, then you could be suffering from an imbalance in the HPA axis. When I started taking SR-Adrenal, I definitely felt a significant improvement. Also, these things are great for supporting your immune system. The HPA axis has a direct influence on your mucosal immune system. That’s where you have secretory immunoglobulin A, our body’s first line of immune defense in our mucous membranes. We’ve talked about that in past episodes. Supporting your adrenals is basically supporting your secretory immune system. It’s all kind of tied together.

So that’s a product that you might want to take a look at if you’ve been suffering from some of these symptoms. I will keep reading the studies and bringing you the information. Until then, keep it real.


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