Loved by kids and adults alike, hot chocolate is a favorite during the cold, winter months and especially after a day on the slopes or building a snowman. Try this healthy, vegan version and your body will thank you!

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Mark Reinfeld – The Doctor & The Chef

Makes two 10-ounce servings


• 2 1/2 cups soy or rice milk
• 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
• 2–3 tablespoons pure maple syrup or agave nectar, or to taste


1. Heat the soy milk in a small pot on low heat for a few minutes; do not allow itto boil.

2. Whisk in the cocoa powder and maple syrup to taste. For a luscious addition,consider melting in vegan dark chocolate.


Raw Incan Chocolate Tonic: Replace the soy milk with almond, Brazil, or macadamia nut milk; replace the cocoa powder with raw cacao powder; add 1/2 teaspoon of maca powder and the seeds from 1/2 vanilla bean (optional); and use agave nectar to taste, instead of the maple syrup. Place in a blender and blend until creamy. Enjoy cold, or heat it on the stove until warm to the touch.

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