I’m going to share with you my new favorite summertime mocktail. It includes a little bit of fresh squeezed lime juice, which I’ve already squeezed into the shaker cup. I’ve added some ice, and we next want to add our favorite superfood product.

I’m recommending NewGreens Minted superfood product  (It Comes with FREE Shipping)as the main ingredient, and we want to add about a scoop of that into the shaker. Now, this superfood product is not like other greens products on the market. It’s loaded with freeze-dried, sprouted vegetables. In the freeze-dried and sprouted form, it really maintains all the phytonutrients, all the micronutrients, the whole flavor profile. It’s all there as if you’re consuming it in the raw form. So freeze-dried is the only way to go when you’re choosing a superfood product. When it’s freeze-dried, it maintains its most natural form.

So, we’ve combined the lime juice, some ice, and the NewGreens Minted in the shaker cup. And now we’re going to give it a good shaky-shake. Pro tip: it helps to add just a little bit of water so you can get a little more consistency with the greens powder. After shaking, pour it into a glass with some ice. Make enough for a friend as well.

Finally, I’m going to finish it off with some Topo Chico. This is a naturally lime-flavored carbonated mineral water, Topo Chico. Super good. So, I’m going to crack that. I’m going to pour that into the glass. Give it a little mix. Then you could garnish it with a little lime wheel if you like. And there you go. One for your friend; one for you.


You get an awesome super-refreshing lime flavor, plus it’s loaded with phytonutrients. Super refreshing, super delicious. You get that bubbly kind of thing that you might want from a cocktail (but we’re going to call this a mocktail) and you’ve done something super good for your body.

-Dr Chad Larson


So, enjoy this mocktail. I’m calling it “The Chico Verde” because it’s a blend of Topo Chico and verde because of the NewGreens. Super delicious! Try it out with your favorite NewGreens, and let me know what you think. Until then, Keep It Real!


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