NewGreens® Minted uses the same superhero ingredient blend as our Classic — just with a little added flavor to take your taste buds on a ride. Organic mint meets organic lemon and a touch of organic stevia for the perfect hint of sweetness that you won’t be able to get enough of. Proof? Even the kids love it!

NewGreens® Minted Features:

  • Raw Organic Garden Blend
  • Raw Organic SuperBerry & Fruit Blend
  • Organic Fiber Blend
  • Organic Sprouts
  • Fresh Flavored Organic Mint and Lemon

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Is it possible to get this much goodness in one drink? It sure is! A delicious blend of greens and superberries — including blueberries, pomegranates, and raspberries — our Superberry blend is a bright and colorful taste explosion that combines all the goodness of greens along with the antioxidant qualities of superberries.

NewGreens® Superberry Features:

  • Raw Organic Garden Blend
  • Raw Organic Antioxidant Fruit Blend
  • Organic Fiber Blend
  • Organic Sprouts
  • Bright Banana & Explosive Berry Flavors

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In episode 132 of his video series, Dr. Larson discusses:

I’m asked every day by my patients, “How can I incorporate more vegetables into my diet?”. Most people consume enough fruits, but have a difficult time when it comes to vegetables. First, we try to focus on their meal choices and find a way to incorporate more vegetables into what they are already eating. The key is to have different colors on your plate and a good variety of nutrients.

But even with help, sometimes people still fall short, so we discuss supplementing with green products. There are a lot of different green supplements on the market. I want to talk about the comparison of our original product, developed 15 years ago, versus our newly formulated one. A lot has changed in what we know about nutrition and health in the past fifteen years. And we sought to leverage all that we know now into our new formula.

We didn’t want to merely substitute one ingredient for another; we wanted to start new from the ground up and make a superior product that gives you the best of it all. The first objective we had was to support USA organic farmers. So, all the ingredients used in our new product comes from USA organic farms. The second objective was to deliver the ingredients as close as possible to their natural form.

Most of the green supplements on the market are juiced and then dehydrated, and the rest of the nutrients of the ingredients are discarded. To extract nutrients in that manner requires that the ingredients be subjected to high heat. And unfortunately, when you use high heat, you lose most of the key nutrients and flavors that are beneficial. A juiced and dehydrated vegetable does not contain anywhere close to the nutrients of the natural form of the vegetable.

A product that is sprouted or freeze-dried differs because it helps to maintain the original nutrition and flavor of the ingredients. Our product delivers the highest level of nutrient density because it isn’t being juiced or dehydrated. So you are getting the nutrients as if you are eating the actual food. We have had our product third-party tested to validate servings of produce just as if you ate it – juiced and dehydrated greens products can’t make that claim.

This reformulated NewGreens product will count toward you daily servings of fruits and vegetables. There is a broad variety of different nutrients because it comes from a plethora of fruit and vegetable sources. We think this is key because each fruit and vegetable provides something different for your general health and wellness.

So, there are quite a few differences in the original NewGreens formula and the new one. We worked to bring you something special that both tastes great and offers the best nutritional benefits in the supplement industry. We hope you will try it and we hope you love it!

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