Inflation? What Inflation…


Just Kidding.

Just like every other business and sector of the economy, we are NOT Immune to rising costs. All of our products have substantially increased in price. From the cost of raw ingredients like simple vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D and Magnesium to specialty nutrients like Nattokinase or NAC to packaging materials like bottles and lids. Don’t even get us started on Rising Shipping Costs!


We Have Good News!

Despite global pricing increases, we’re going to keep our prices steady because we respect our customers. Unlike many of our competitors, we’re NOT going to be passing along these price hikes to you. 


As a small family and employee owned company, we appreciate your continued business. If you’re not yet a customer of ours, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business!



Dr. Devin Ryerson
CEO and Founder


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