This time of year, a lot is demanded from us, and it can leave us feeling physically run down, tired, and just simply mentally exhausted.

Here are some simple tips to apply to help support your energy levels this holiday season:


Tips to Help With Stress This Holiday Season


Take personal time to be alone and practice self-care, like Epsom salt baths, meditation, journaling or simply reading in a cozy nook.



Limit obligations by prioritizing your scheduling needs. I know, easier said than done, but it’s ok to say no to some things.



Go outside and be in nature! Studies show that spending time outside, even if it’s your own backyard, can help decrease depression and anxiety. So go take that walk in the woods.




Slow down or eliminate alcohol and sugary foods from your diet. Studies show that over consumption can suppress our immune functioning and decrease energy.





Learn to be joyful! Join a community group that engages in something fun or find a non-profit to volunteer with. We humans simply need to be with other humans for our mental and physical health and well-being.



Supplement with SR-Stamina™

I personally take SR-Stamina to help keep me on track and feel energized and more like myself.  SR-Stamina offers safe, effective herbal ingredients to help support our internal energy systems, promote a healthy immune response, boost mental clarity and more.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to support their energy through the holiday season, and into winter.



Tracy comes to us with extensive knowledge from the holistic health field. She graduated from Natural Success School of Holistics, with her Holistic Health Practitioner certificate. Tracy also holds a certificate in Nutrition and Bachelors in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College School of Natural Health.

Previously, Tracy was co-owner of an environmentally friendly massage center for several years, located in Encinitas, California. Her holistic massage center focused not only on holistic massage, but also client education on the importance of recycling and reducing waste, choosing healthy products, and proper nutrition.