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Doing This 1 Simple Thing Can Dramatically Improve Your Health

In episode 59 of his video series, Dr. Larson discusses: Autophagy (Pronounced: ‘Ah-Tah-Fah-Gee’) is a [...]

Food Allergy, Intolerance, & Sensitivity: What’s the Difference?

 By Dr. Chad Larson, narrated by Charles Griffin   While the common consciousness has come [...]

Seniors with Chocolate Addictions May Be Smarter Than the Rest

  Are there any problems chocolate can’t solve? Previous research has associated chocolate with a [...]

Fat Has a Hidden Secret That Makes You Live Longer

Ketones are energy molecules formed in the liver that work as an anti-inflammatory. They balance [...]

Vegan Fusion Academy with Mark Reinfeld

Like most people, I too struggle with food choices. I know, what a first world [...]

Broiled Artichoke Fritters

Growing from flower buds in the sunflower family, artichokes have been used since early documented [...]

Introducing The Nastiest Fruit In The World!

Strawberries, they’re everywhere. My kids love them in in their yogurt and I’ll blend them [...]

Keep It Real Episode 12: Arthritis, Autoimmunity & Leaky Gut

In episode 12, Dr. Larson discusses: Autoimmunity Most rheumatologists focus on prescription medications to treat [...]

How Coconut Oil & Modified Fasting Can Help Alzheimer’s

In episode 10, Dr. Larson discusses how ketones can improve cognitive function New information about [...]


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Keep It Real Episode 3: Leaky Gut & Chronic Immune Activation

Cold & flu season…Ughh. Not and Never fun! Watch Dr. Larson discuss the latest immune [...]

Keep it Real TV Episode 1

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