In episode 10, Dr. Larson discusses how ketones can improve cognitive function

New information about Alzheimer’s disease and how technology is getting better at accessing different functions of the brain. A well-known aspect of Alzheimer’s is an inability to regulate glucose in the brain. Alzheimer’s has a nickname of “Type 3 Diabetes.”

The brain uses 20% of the body’s energy, but with Alzheimer’s disease, the brain is starved, and that leads to cognitive decline. There is a different source of fuel that the brain likes to use called “ketones.” Ketones are energy molecules formed in the liver that work as an anti-inflammatory. They balance blood sugar, support your immune system, supply energy and are excellent “brain fuel” & more…

An age related control study showed that people with Alzheimer’s disease use ketones the same way as people without Alzheimer’s. There may be a therapeutic opportunity for people with cognitive decline by increasing ketones. A good dietary source of ketones include: coconut oil

In This Video – How To Encourage Your Body To Increase Ketones, including:

  • What Is Modified fasting & how it leads to a sharper memory
  • How to put your body to go into a ketogenic state
  • The use of a ketogenic diet in neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and seizures
  • How monotherapy has failed
  • How 9 out of 10 subjects with Alzheimer’s improved their condition with stress, diet and lifestyle management

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