Cold & flu season…Ughh. Not and Never fun! Watch Dr. Larson discuss the latest immune system research and how it relates to inflammatory markers and leaky gut. Leaky gut basically an imbalance of your gut bacteria (aka – dysbiosis) and is something you want to avoid at all costs. See why alcohol, ibuprofen and even gluten can trigger dysbiosis and in turn chronic Immune Activation opening you up for increased susceptibility to colds and flu.

The integrity of the GI tract is everything. 70% of your immune system is in your GI tract and so too much alcohol, too much ibuprofen, too much stress and even small amounts of gluten for some can put you at risk of a leaky gut…DR. CHAD LARSON

How Chronic Immune Activation (CIA) Makes You Sick: An Overview

  • With flu season fast approaching there is an aspect of immune system that you may not be aware of: Chronic Immune Activation (CIA)
  • How chronic immune activation can make you more vulnerable to other pathogens
  • Why the same virus affects people differently
  • The relationship between viral susceptibility and Chronic Immune Activation
  • How CIA is caused by inflammatory markers, traced backed to leaky gut and a breakdown of the intestinal barrier system
  • Why the health of your GI tract is absolutely vital for the immune system and rest of the body
  • How imbalance of gut bacteria, stress, alcohol, ibuprofen, and gluten break down the gut barrier and cause Leaky Gut
  • Why the holiday time leaves people susceptible to the Flu and vulnerable for the Flu Season

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