Join Dr. Chad Larson on another hike & learn where he discusses some new research published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). The study backs the utility and the recommendation for the use of Lipitor, a well known statin drug used to lower cholesterol. There is no doubt or debate that statin drugs like Lipitor lower cholesterol very effectively, however what the study doesn’t mention is the blocking of Coenzyme Q10 from using statin medications. See why Coenzyme Q10 is so important and what you can do naturally with an anti-inflammatory diet in this week’s Keep It Real.

Why is everybody so focused in on cholesterol as a risk factor for heart disease when they should be looking at other key markers like CRP, fibrinogen markers among others to give a true picture… DR. CHAD LARSON

Discover The Health Benefits of Fish Oils & Pitfalls of Statin Drugs, Plus:

  • What statin medications are and how they work
  • How lowering cholesterol does not reduce the risk factor of cardiovascular disease
  • The conflicting scientific reports on cholesterol
  • How statin medications negatively affect cardiovascular health by blocking production of co-enzyme Q10 and other important nutrients like DHEA
  • Why we depend so heavily of statin medications
  • What cardiovascular disease is at its roots
  • How fish oils have been shown to be anti-inflammatory
  • Guidelines of an anti-inflammatory diet for prevention
  • Should there even be concern about cholesterol for heart disease
  • How prevention of cardiovascular disease should look to inflammatory factors
  • Why cholesterol is vital for your health


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