Demystify vitamin and supplement labels with Dr. Chad Larson. In this video Dr. Larson talks about what Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA’s) are and how they relate to % Daily Value’s (DV). Also, learn the in’s and the outs for vitamin B12 and Vitamin C types.

I want to help demystify the supplement label for you, helping you understand why some ingredients have percent daily values within what would appear normal and others, like vitamin B12 that can be over 12,000% the RDA. DR. CHAD LARSON

It’s Estimated That Over 50% of The Population Takes Vitamins — How To Read A Label

  • Which nutritional supplements to take
  • The definition of a “good” supplement
  • Why there so many different supplements out there
  • How to chose the right supplement
  • How to read a nutrient label
  • The meanings of RDA and %Daily Value or DV
  • Deficiency, sufficiency & insufficiency of common nutrients
  • The differences between Vitamin C supplement forms
  • How fat-soluble nutrients differ from water-soluble nutrients
  • A discussion of Vitamin B12 and why %DV is so much
  • A discussion of Vitamin C: Water Vs. fat soluble antioxidants


Supplements Discussed In This Episode:

Daily Multi from Iagen Professional

Vitamin B12 Liquid from Pure Encapsulations

Ascorbyl Palmitate (Fat Soluble Vitamin C) from Pure Encapsulations



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