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Perfect Adrenal™ and SR-Stamina™ are packed with potent adaptogens and crucial co-factors. They are your ultimate go-to resources for combating stress and elevating energy levels.


What is Perfect Adrenal™ ?

Perfect Adrenal™ provides a unique blend of nutrients and botanicals that increase vigor while at the same time increase resistance to stress and support the body systems that are most susceptible to stress. The most common use of this formula is for fatigue, lack of vitality, a tendency toward abdominal fat accumulation, emotional exhaustion, and lack of overall well-being.

Perfect Adrenal™ Ingredients Have Been Shown To:

  • Helps increase stamina and enhance physical performance
  • Promotes a healthy adaptation to stress with a combination of traditional adaptogens from around the world
  • Strengthens cardiovascular, adrenal, and immune system response to stress
  • Increases the ability to withstand physical and emotional stressors
  • Provides the key co-factors for synthesis and utilization of adrenal hormones

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What is SR-Stamina™ ?

Borrowing from long traditional uses and strong clinical science, SR-Stamina is a blend of herbal adaptogens and other traditional herbs known to decrease symptoms of fatigue, stress, anxiety, neuralgia, depression, and sore muscles. SR-Stamina also contains ingredients known to increase stamina and enhance physical performance.

SR-Stamina(Energy Support Formula) Benefits:

  • Increases stamina and enhances physical performance
  • Inhibits fatigue and increases the ability to withstand stress
  • Promotes a healthy immune response

Who Needs SR-Stamina™ ?

SR-Stamina is for the individual who is under stress and is experiencing symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, or depression. This product is also for the person who wants to enhance athletic and physical performance, increase the ability to withstand stress, and promote alertness and physical energy.

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Dr. Chad Larson Talks More About Perfect Adrenal™

In times when a lot of stress is happening to us, it can wipe out the finite amount of nutrients we possess, and it will leave us feeling depleted. So we want to boost those nutrients back up with things like zinc, B vitamins(like pantothenic acid and pyridoxine), copper and biotin. We’ll run out these key nutrients if we’re not consuming enough, and this could stall the process necessary for our bodies to make these key hormones.

The product I recommend for this support is called Perfect Adrenal. Perfect Adrenal has the adrenal adaptogens I mentioned, such as Eleuthero senticosus, rhodiola and ginseng. And it also has the co-factors like pantothenic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B6, zinc and copper in the correct ratios that the adrenal glands need to help support the production of hormones.

It also contains adrenal gland extract to help bolster the adrenals from a fundamental level in order to help support the body’s own cortisol production. I formulated Perfect Adrenal years ago and I am finding it to be more important right now when people are dealing with so many different stressors that are influencing their general health, and more specifically, the health of their adrenal glands.

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Dr. Chad Larson Talks More About SR-Stamina™

I formulated SR Stamina several years ago to support the HPA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis, which influences your adrenal hormones. There are over ten medicinal botanicals in the product, and the reason why I want to talk about it right now is the positive impact I am seeing it have on people in this COVID era.

SR Stamina works in three ways. The first is to support the integrity of the immune system. With all that is going on, many people want to do what they can to support their immune system health to avoid being a susceptible host to any opportunistic pathogens. Another benefit that SR Stamina provides is that it helps to increase your overall mental and physical stamina. A lot of people are very stressed both mentally and physically because they have been knocked off their normal routine. Lastly, the ingredients in this product help to target these stress systems and decrease the adverse effects of long term stress on the brain, body and immune system. One of the ways SR Stamina works is by modulating stress hormones to decrease the long-term effects of them on your body.

The key botanicals of SR Stamina work to increase your overall health, mentally and physically. And with so much going on in today’s world, it is valuable support to add to your daily routine to decrease inflammation, balance stress hormones, and increase your energy. This is a product that I highly recommend for daily support that will help keep you physically and mentally supported through these challenging times.

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