Today, I want to feature a very unique ingredient found in our product NewGreens® Superberry called Nutrim®. Nutrim® is a superfood that provides some very unique aspects for your health. It is a specialized extract from oats (free from gluten), which contains a high concentration of antioxidants and Beta Glucan. This extract improves certain aspects of your immune system and your cholesterol balance. Because it helps to change your cholesterol balance, when you have a certain amount of the extract in a product, you are allowed to make a certified FDA approved heart health claim.


Nutrim® is a key ingredient in all NewGreens® products and has been found to decrease levels of bad cholesterol and increase nitric oxide levels that can help with normal blood pressure levels.

-Dr Chad Larson


Beta Glucan helps to decrease cholesterol, but it isn’t just cholesterol levels themselves that Nutrim® changes. It alters LDL cholesterol specifically, which is known as the “bad” cholesterol. Although LDL gets a bad name, it is actually the oxidized-LDL (ox-LDL) that is a health risk. So when you decrease ox-LDL, you can make a claim, supported by the FDA, that your product is a heart-healthy one. Nutrim®, found in our product NewGreens®, can decrease your risk of heart disease. And, once more, there are other nutrients in Nutrim® that work by increasing nitric oxide. Nitric oxide opens up blood vessels to a point where it can decrease a person’s blood pressure.

So Nutrim® works in two different ways to both lower your heart disease risk and also to increase your heart health. We purposely added Nutrim to our product so that our consumers would get the best of all the superfoods found in nature to nourish and protect the body in every way possible. And it has the amount of Nutrim necessary to make a significant impact on your heart health, and therefore, your overall health. Our product NewGreens® is one of the very few Superfood supplements to contain Nutrim®. And Nutrim® is just one of the many organic ingredients included in NewGreens® that makes it one of the best superfood products on the market.



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