Like many catchphrases in the supplement industry, the term superfood tends to be overused. Coffeeberry is one of the key ingredients in our superfood drink NewGreens® Super Berry, and it is part of the reason why we can claim it is truly a “Super Food”. A super food is supposed to be a nutrient that is highly concentrated with antioxidants that help to nourish and protect the body. Traditionally, the coffeeberry has been abused because manufacturers take the coffee bean and strip the fruit away, literally throwing it out.

And, that is unfortunate, because the berry is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is a very fragile and delicate berry and is highly susceptible to denaturing. But when it is handled correctly, it can be a very powerful nutrient to consume that works to supercharge the body with a high concentration of antioxidants. Most coffee beans and berries are handled in large food manufacturing plants where the berries can’t be handled with care.


When compared to other berries like acai berries and tart cherries, coffeeberry is higher in phenols, which are antioxidant superstars, protein, and fiber, more so than many other berries that are supposed to be superfoods.

-Dr Chad Larson


So in the production of our NewGreens® Superberry superfood, we teamed up with professionals who know what they are doing. The experts we work with are not a large operation, so much so, that they hand pick the berries themselves. And then after the coffeeberries are harvested, they are handled so sophisticatedly that it maximizes their traditional antioxidant properties. Coffeeberries are just one of the over forty other superfood ingredients that are found in NewGreens®. NewGreens® Superberry is 100% certified organic and predominantly USA grown, which is what makes our product the best in the industry. And only part of the reason why it is something that will definitely give your body the superfood ingredients it needs to stay supercharged with nutrients to keep your immune system strong and your body working optimally!


Did You Know: NewGreens® Classic and NewGreens® Minted use 100% ingredients grown in the USA by organic farmers? It’s true! While most all other brands use cheap ingredients that come from China, NewGreens® goes the extra mile to Source & Support Organic American Farming.

NewGreens® Superberry featured in this video uses all the same great organic ingredients found in NewGreens Classic (100% Grown in the USA), but with the exception of the Organic Superberry & Tropical Fruit Blend which includes all organic banana, coffee fruit (Coffeeberry®), organic wild blueberry, acai, cranberry, mango, North American Blueberry Extract (Vitablue®) and European elderberry. All NewGreens® ingredients are made using ultra-low temperature and sprouting techniques, and are never sourced from China.


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