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Pay Attention to the Legislation in California

So the topic of the discussion today is ten bills that have been proposed by the California legislature. And this is important whether or not you’re in California, because oftentimes what starts in California kind of disseminates across the rest of the country. So these are important to know, no matter where you are in the country. And when I’ve asked people if they’ve heard of these, friends and patients and family members, so far the answer has been “no” across the board. Nobody has heard about these. You need to know about these because they can literally affect you and everybody you know, in California and even if you’re not in California. These are things that you need to know about if you live in the United States.


Ten California Proposed Bills – A Massive Overreach by the State

These are California-proposed bills and I’m going to read them because I want to get them right, so that you can have a clearer understanding of what they’re proposing.


      1. The first one is called SB 871 and this one adds the COVID vaccine to the required immunization schedule for all private and public schools regardless of whether these vaccines receive FDA approval. And also regardless of whether or not the child has had COVID, in other words, has natural immunity. So they really only have downside. Because, as even the CDC admits, natural immunity gives you three to five times better protection against COVID than vaccine-induced immunity, and we know that this number is close to 60% of kids in the US that have this natural immunity. But they’re going to subject all kids in school, public and private, to a non-approved medical intervention if they want to attend school.
      2. The next one is AB 2098. This classifies any medical opinion that runs contrary to the establishment’s COVID narrative as misinformation and subjects physicians expressing such views to the charge of unprofessional conduct, which is subject to discipline by the medical licensing board. So the state actually gets to decide what is scientific fact. And we know that facts have changed many, many times against the common narrative. Like, if you get vaccinated, you can take your mask off because you will no longer transmit the virus. That ended up not being true. It’ll stop viral replication. We know that ended up not being true. You need two vaccines and then you’re good to go, you’ll have full sterilizing immunity. But then it was, “Oh, you’ve got to get a third shot for a booster,” and now they say you’ve got to get a fourth shot, a second booster, beyond the first two and three. So we know that every fact has a half-life and the half-lives of these facts are very, very short.
      3. SB 866 is number three. This lowers the age of COVID vaccine consent to 12 years without parental notification or consent. So now the state gets to be a surrogate parent for you and make a decision about your kids health and future health. And 12 year olds are not cognitively and emotionally mature enough to make an informed decision about a medical intervention that could literally affect the rest of their life. So think about that one.
      4. Number four is SB 920. This authorizes the medical board to inspect a doctor’s office and medical records without patients’ consent. This completely violates a federal law called HIPAA. The HIPAA law protects your private and personal and health information so that it cannot be disseminated without your approval, without your consent. This bill would completely override your personal and health privacy information.
      5. Number five, SB 1464. This requires law enforcement to enforce all public health guidelines or lose their funding. “Requires.” That’s a much different word than “authorizes” which is what it’s been so far. During COVID police officers have been left to their own personal judgment and critical thinking and their own thought process whether to enforce something. Now it says, “No, we actually know better than you as a police officer. We’re gonna make the decision for you. You’re no longer authorized, you’re now required to do what we tell you to do.” 
      6. Number six, SB 479, requires schools to create long term testing plans, test children without parental consent, and report test results to the California Department of Public Health. Now, that kind of speaks for itself.
      7. Number seven, SB 390, prohibits any person or entity from making statements the government deems misleading by any means, including the internet, ads, etc. So, the state is the arbiter of all things science. And we know that politically-appointed scientists are led a lot more ideologically than scientifically. We’ve seen that over and over and over again.
      8. Number eight, SB 1184. This authorizes school health personnel to disclose childrens’ health information to a third party without parental consent. So again, this is the state saying to parents, “we know better than you about your child, so we’re gonna make the decision for you.” This very sensitive medical information about your child, we get to decide where it goes and not you.
      9. Number nine, AB 1797. This creates an immunization tracking system, giving all governmental agencies complete access to vaccination records for all citizens. 
      10. Number ten, AV 1993, requires proof of code vaccination for all employees and independent contractors working in California. When I mentioned at the beginning that if these pass, they will affect you and literally everybody, this is really the key one that I’m referring to. It forces a novel, unapproved medical intervention on anybody who wants to work in California. And though it’s starting in California, as I mentioned earlier, it will probably go first to other blue states and then to purple states first and eventually could be adopted by more states beyond that. These are really key interventions that are massive overreach by the state. They’re saying, we know more than you do as a parent, we know more than your pediatrician. Your kids’ doctor should know intimately their health and medical history. But they’re saying they know more than you do or your doctor does, and they’re going to go ahead and make all these decisions for you. And that’s for kids who are by far the least affected by this virus. They’re taking the most stringent rules and applying them to the group, the population, that is least affected by the virus and of whom, as I mentioned earlier, 50 to 60% have natural immunity.


    There’s only downside to them getting this vaccine because, statistically, healthy kids have not died of COVID-19. And out of all kids, more than one in 1000 get some kind of adverse event from getting vaccinated, but only one in 500,000 die from COVID. And that includes kids with very severe, pre existing conditions. When you take them out of the equation and consider just healthy kids, the statistic is basically zero that have died from COVID. And remember that the vaccination does not reduce transmission, does not reduce viral replication, and the vast majority of kids have had COVID and have natural immunity.

    -Dr. Chad Larson


    Be Informed

    All these things really should be taken into consideration. You don’t want to be silenced as a parent. You want to make sure your doctor is not being silenced as their health care provider. So have a look at that information. There are different things that you can do. Just being informed is kind of the key thing. Be informed. Look at this information. Take a look at the bills yourself and reach your own conclusions. There are various groups like the Unity Project that offer help if you are frustrated by this and want to do something about it. Check out their website for things you can do. I will keep reading the studies and bring you information. Until then, keep it real.



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