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What You May Not Know About Vitamin C

Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Larson, and this is Keep It Real. Keep It Real is [...]

Chronic Fatigue? Hormone Insufficiency? It Could Be Your Adrenals

Adrenal Glands are a powerhouse of Hormones Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Larson. I’m going to [...]

COVID Legislation For Kids In California: What Does It Mean?

Hi. I’m Dr. Chad Larson. Just taking a moment in between patients. I’m going to [...]

Our Top Immune Support Formulas

  What is Zinc? Zinc has so many vital functions and uses that it should [...]

Vaccine Mandates For Children: What Does The Science Say?

Seroprevalence (antibodies evaluation) studies Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Larson. So finally one of the big [...]

Should Kids Be Wearing Masks in School? Let’s Look at the Science

 Dr. Fauci’s 60 Minutes Interview Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Larson. The COVID intervention that by [...]

Make An Informed Decision About Getting Your Child “The Shot”

Make An Informed Decision For Your Child Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Larson. As a healthcare [...]

Winter Is Coming… Prep Your Immune System

  Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Larson. It’s time to winterize your immune system. Winter is [...]

Back-To-School Immune Support Starts With Diet

Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Larson. I just thought I’d shoot another video like I used [...]

Support Your Immune System During Stressful Times

Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Larson. It seems a little silly to do a series on [...]

The Powerful Antioxidant Effects Of This Berry

Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Larson. We’re going to interrupt our series talking about different nutrients [...]

NAC: The Essential Nutrient You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Larson. Today we’re going to continue our series talking about nutrients. [...]

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