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“Eat more plants than animals,” is the conclusion of a study released in the Journal of the American Heart Association last week. Researchers reviewed input about dietary food intake in a database of information that was gathered from 1987-2016. The database compiled information about the nutritional habits of 10,000 middle-aged US adults. Once the researchers complied the data; they broke it into various categories and groups. What they were specifically looking at were risk factors for heart disease. The researchers sought to examine adults who did not have heart disease at the start to see who developed it and who didn’t. And also, they observed what their diet looked like.

What they found was that those who ate the most amount of plant-based foods had a 16% decreased risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease. Also, the people who ate the most amount of plant-based foods had a 32% reduced risk of dying of a cardiovascular disease. In addition, there was a 25% reduction of dying from all-cause mortality when compared to those who had the lowest amount of plant-based food in their diets. The participant base of 10,000 is a large enough study for the results to be highly reliable. And the Journal of the American Heart Association is a highly reputable source for health information. Animal-based proteins are not bad for you, but there is a big difference in what the American population has in their diet and what I would suggest.


What Americans eat are animals that are primarily fed corn, which is not what animals normally eat. The feedlot beef is loaded with fat that is generated from a corn and grain diet. I recommend only eating 100% grass-fed animals if you are going to eat animal-based protein. The non-sustainable diets of animals definitely make a difference when you are choosing your animal protein. The reality is that people in the US aren’t consuming enough plant-based foods. I have done a lot of biochemistry evaluations on vegetarians, and I see those who do it right and those who don’t. Those who don’t eat animal protein but consume a high amount of pasta, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods aren’t doing it right. But those who choose a vegetarian lifestyle and consume a large amount of plant-based protein can look ten years younger, and they show a greater sense of overall health.



We don’t really have an answer to causation or why those who consume more plant-based foods have a lesser risk of cardiovascular disease and all-mortality, but we do know that a correlation exists, whereby the more plant-based foods you eat, the healthier you are. Although not surprising to people, they still are not consuming what they should. There is a loss of integration of this basic dietary information that isn’t translating into peoples’ diets. That is why I am sponsoring this show. NewGreens® is a plant-based supplement that can help you get the nutrients you need if you are not getting them in your diet.

I am not trying to pitch it, but this study shows that there are other ways that you can consume plant-based foods. Obviously, the best way to consume them is in your diet by eating things like fresh produce. But if that isn’t happening, then consider NewGreens® which is a whole-food-based plant-food. And it isn’t dehydrated and stripped of nutrients; it is freeze-dried and preserved. And if you add water, you can reconstitute it to its original form, which means that none of the original goodness is processed out.

That is why NewGreens® can claim a specific amount of dietary produce servings when you consume it. Taking NewGreens® daily is an excellent way to increase your intake of plant-based foods. Since eating plant-based foods is the key to decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease, it can be a critical part of your daily nutritional routine. A freeze-dried vegetable powder is an easy way to improve your eating habits to get the plant-based foods that you need to stay healthy and live a longer.

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