Immunity system in the human body is the defense system of the body, that protects it from infections and other disease-causing germs and bacteria. The stronger the immunity system of the body, the better are we resistant from falling sick frequently. Wholly Immune is a dietary supplement, that offers total immune nutrient support to the body, ensuring to boost the natural immunity system, along with detoxification of the body. This supplement is packed with more than 60 herbs, essential immunostimulants, vitamins and minerals that have a significant contribution to the body’s immunity system. This acts as pre-care detoxification and posts care nutrient booster for the body.

Wholly Immune is made with a perfect blend of nutrients and essential herbs that work synergistically to boost the natural immune system of the body, reduce cell damage due to oxidation, along with improving digestion, reducing free radicals and improving digestion. With the high antioxidant properties, the overall cell damage is reduced. It also reduces carcinogenesis, thus reducing the risks of cancer. Organic free radicals are produced in the human body as a byproduct of the natural metabolism of the body. However, these free radicals in large numbers can cause cell damage, thus causing oxidative damage to our body. The antioxidant property of wholly immune is boosted by the presence of elements such as ß-carotene, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, vitamin C as well as lipoic acid. These help in deactivating free radicals, thus reducing the amount of cell damage in the body. This high antioxidant property of wholly immune is also seen to reduce the risks of cancer. This supplement is also enriched with germanium sesquioxide, turmeric, selenium, bioflavonoid complex and glutathione which are proven to be rich in antioxidants and have health-boosting and beneficial properties. Turmeric has been used for ages for good health, boosting liver functionalities, clear ageless skin and improving the immunity of the body.

Health benefits of Wholly Immune


Detoxification is the process in which the body cleanses itself from all toxins that are produced by the various functions of the body or from the food and chemicals that we consume in our diet every day. The liver is the site for detoxification. The Wholly Immune supplement boosts the process of detoxification by decreasing the rate of oxidative damage in our body. The nutrients in it such as germanium sesquioxide, ß-carotene inactivates the free radicals in the body, thus reducing cell damage and boosting the levels of antioxidants in the body. This helps the body get rid of all toxins and wastes and absorb essential vitamins and minerals from the food we eat.

Immunity booster

The immunity of the body is the ultimate defense from any disease-causing bacteria and germs. Wholly immune works as an immunity booster and helps in the production of white blood cells, that helps in fighting various diseases. With regular consumption of wholly immune, the frequency of getting sick is reduced significantly, thus promoting better health.

Prevents the risk of Cancer

It has been proven scientifically that with the reduction of oxidative damage and increased levels of antioxidant properties, risk of certain types of cancer can be reduced.

Improves skin health

Skin health is improved with the consumption of wholly immune supplements. The antioxidant properties help in reducing skin damage, helping it to retain moisture and keeping it hydrated and youthful.

Promotes overall wellness

With improved immunity and accelerated detoxification, along with the supply of the essential nutrients in the body with proper absorption, the overall health of the user is likely to improve drastically.

With an array of health benefits offered by wholly immune, it is one of the most popular dietary supplements consumed by people all over the world. One of the biggest advantage that it offers is the wide variety of benefits with minimum or no side effects. The suggested ways of consumption include mixing with juices or health beverages. It can also be consumed with breakfast cereals such as oatmeal and granola. It is recommended to consume immediately after mixing with the food, followed by several ounces of fluid. For best results, it should be consumed as prescribed by experts and consultants.

The wholly immune supplement offers its customers an easy and effective method of improving health, without side effects. It is a key to healthy living and better lifestyle. When consumed along with maintaining a good lifestyle, shows significant changes in the consumer’s’ body health and mind. This ingredient is the perfect bridge between the fast-paced modern lifestyle and healthy living and helps to balance both, without much effort.