What are Adrenal Glands?

A Human body consists of multiple organs, glands, muscles which when works collectively and co-operatively help to maintain a healthy physique and ensures a proper body function. Every organ has a specific task to perform. One of them is adrenal glands’ which are a set of two glands located at the upper side of each kidney. These glands primarily produce hormones namely Cortisol and Aldosterone which helps to control the level of blood pressure, blood sugar, burning cholesterols and proteins, and often respond to major body injuries as these hormones travel through bloodstreams and fixing tissues so as to enable proper organ functioning.  Hormones which are chemical messenger regulate particular body functions like metabolism, organic development, reproduction and also control the sodium and glucose levels.

How Adrenal Glands Work?

Adrenal Gland holds an important position in the human body. There are two sections of the adrenal gland which are Adrenal Cortex and Adrenal Medulla. Now cortex is the outer side of the gland which creates 3 hormones namely

  1.    Mineralocorticoids
  2.    Glucocorticoids
  3.    Adrenal Androgens

These hormones basically manage the sodium level by maintaining an appropriate amount of salt from the kidney and prevent unwanted dehydration in the body. Maintains glucose level of the body and hence assists in body metabolism. Also, these are sex controlling hormones. On the other hand, the medulla is the inner side of the gland that controls the stress function caused due to external diseases in the body. But sometimes these glands do malfunction and in this situation, the normal secretion of hormones gets hampered and tends to miss usual cyclic body orders. Because of that, we could encounter Cushing’s syndromes during which none of our body functions accordingly and so we could come across heart failure, kidney problems, and misbalance in blood pressure and many other symptoms and diseases. Here comes a medical supplement that is apt for these glands and can bring them in proper order by supplying needed enriched nourishment and nutrients.

What is Adrenotone?

Adrenotone is an amalgamation of standardized aromatic plants and nutrients which are better identified for revitalizing the adrenal glands of the human body. This medicinal component has the perfect blend of botanical and dietary compositions and has been designed to support all necessary functions of adrenal glands in priority right from the efficient adrenal cortex and medullary functions to increased hypothalamic functions. It helps to restore the most favorable adrenal health with organic energy. This product mainly works on three mentioned functional areas:

  •    It helps to enhance and increase the Cortisol levels which basically normalize sodium level with blood sugar and blood pressures.
  •    Hypothalamic and pituitary functions (HPTA axis) usually manipulate all cells and hence affect practically all physiologic procedures of the central nervous system.
  •    Increases catecholamine production like dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine which in turn helps to mitigate body stress and hence prepares for a “fight or flight” reaction.

Adrenotone Usefulness

  1.    Promoting Energy level – Adrenotone contains strong doses of vitamins namely Vitamin B2 and an active form of vitamin B6. Also, it contains Vitamin C with Pantothenic Acid.
  2.    Adaptogenic Aromatic Plants – This comprises a significant amount of standardized herbal non-toxic plants ‘adaptogens’ like Eleuthero, Rhodiola, the American Ginseng, and Ashwagandha among others. These botanical solutions might give a positive uplift to a healthy reply to stress.
  3.    Superior Quality with Outstanding Results – Whenever it comes to manufacturing this product, always a no-compromise level is maintained. Be it raw material selection or superior standard ingredients, the quality is always paramount. Hence a better result can always be expected with gluten-free and completely vegetarian-friendly products.
  4.    Doctors Recommended – This supplement is something that boosts the energy level without having much after usage reactions. Because of its supreme ingredients and highly valuable outcome, in terms of not only physical but also psychological, doctors always recommend Adrenotone but with proper prescriptions and guidance
  5.     Highly Trusted Origin – Designs for Health (DFS) is much more than a dietary company that was set up in1989 by two reputed and registered dieticians. They treat their clients with appropriate products needed. As it’s primarily targeted for healthcare professionals hence it cannot be sold like any other medical product and only through verified health care professionals. DFS strictly follow science first strategy and therefore it gained huge trust over the years.

Why Adrenotone should be preferred?

Adrenotone is fully an organic product that helps in restoring all the functional parts of the adrenals along with balancing the hormonal activities. This product not only helps us by taking out stress but also helps with nutrition. Therefore the product is highly helpful.