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There is a super funny and popular commercial where some guys are playing football, and one of the players gets pummeled. When the pile clears, Betty White is there in a tizzy. Someone hands her a candy bar and magically, the man returns to his “normal” self, suggesting that a candy bar is all that you need to increase your mood and to give you energy. Although it is funny, there is absolutely no truth to it. Researchers recently did a meta-analysis where they pooled studies with over 1200 participants to evaluate the effect of a concentrated load of carbs on study subject’s behavior, energy, and mood.

The conclusion was that when the participants had a concentrated load of carbohydrates, they had more fatigue within an hour and also a decrease in alertness and no positive mood or behavioral changes. The participants gained no energy from consuming concentrated carbs like in the Snickers commercial. Some people actually believe those commercials and will eat candy bars to increase their energy and feel better, but it simply isn’t true. The study was released in Neuroscience and Bio-Behavioral Reviews. The researchers in the analysis decided to put the commercial to the test.


The public should know that this commercial, and ones like it, are loaded with revenue and are meant to sway public thought and opinions to sell more candy bars. But don’t believe them, you can’t eat a candy bar and be all better. It is not something that your body needs, and it will not perk you up!


If someone is playing football (or any physical activity) and loses their energy and doesn’t have the necessary fuel to continue, it is a macronutrient problem that they can’t sustain energy. They are probably on a carb rollercoaster where they are eating “carbage” (carbohydrate garbage like candy bars), which makes their blood sugar go up and down all day long. When you are working out hard, you are going to have a crash if you have the average high carbbage diet. We only have a finite amount of blood sugar in the body, and you are going to run out quickly, which will lead to a crash.

As discussed before, we only have about 2000 calories of carbohydrate energy in our body. But, even lean people have about 40 to 50 thousand calories of fat that is waiting to be tapped into to use for energy and basic human function. But it is trapped and locked away, and the key is insulin because it is like a “gatekeeper”. Are you in a fat burning mode or a fat storage mode? If your insulin is high, the fat is locked away. But if insulin is low, then your fat is going to be readily available to use. If you have energy crashes; then your body is in crisis. For better health, mood, and energy switch to a well-formulated lower carbohydrate, higher-fat diet.

Although commercials are fun to watch, don’t believe everything that you see. There is a message behind them that isn’t always true. Eating a candy bar will not put you back on the playing field or make you feel any happier or better.


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