Weight Loss…It’s an age old endeavor for most everyone. With obesity constantly on the rise, it’s important to know that a crappy diet is the #1 contributor to weight gain (DUH!). Most think it’s a lack of exercise, but that would only be a smaller part of the equation. Learn what Dr. Larson has to say about insulin levels, carbohydrates (sugars and refined grains) and their relation to fat production & storage.

While exercising is important, it’s not nearly as important as making good dietary choices…It’s imperative that you get off the S.A.D. Diet (Standard American Diet) now . DR. CHAD LARSON

In Episode 29, Dr. Larson discusses:

  • There are ways that you can exercise to increase burning your body fat, namely high-intensity interval training or HIIT training
  • HIIT training involves short bursts of high-intensity movements; they work by stoking your metabolism to burn fat
  • The most effective way to lose weight is through dietary changes
  • 70-90% of your body’s composition is determined by what you eat
  • Although exercise is important, diet is more important to your weight loss goals, if you combine the two, you will be successful much quicker
  • Each person has to make changes that are individualized to them, but there are two key concepts to burning fat, they are that you have to decrease the amount of fat you produce and encourage the body to burn current fat
  • Insulin is the hormone in the body that encourages fat production
  • As insulin goes up, it causes your body to store fat
  • To stop producing fat, you have to decrease the amount of carbohydrates you eat, specifically, those that are either made from refined flour like bread, chips, and pasta, or sugar
  • So to decrease fat production, you have to drop your carbohydrate intake
  • There are three major types of macronutrients, they are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
  • If you drop your carbohydrate intake, you have to make it up with proteins and fats, which are best for you, depends on your individual body, what your goals are, and where you are currently at
  • The other concept is caloric deficit
  • Depending on your age, sex and body type, you burn a specific amount of calories per day
  • If you burn 2500 calories and limit your caloric intake to 2000, your body will have to look for other sources of energy to burn
  • A caloric deficit will force the body to recognize the body fat you have and begin to use it for energy
  • It will mobilize the fat and switch your body from a sugar and carbohydrate burning machine to a fat burning one, it might take a couple of weeks, but it will switch
  • Once you have the right amount of fats determined, it is easy to figure out what you need to do to burn fat without weighing foods or counting calories
  • It is a matter of epigenetics, which is a concept that we are all born with genes, which ones get turned on are determined through our lifestyle habits
  • So, to lose weight you have to both decrease fat production and encourage the body to burn body fat

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