Springtime and summertime are times of great environmental transitions. That makes it an excellent time for people to make personal health transitions to their daily lifestyles and activities There are five simple lifestyle transitions you can make this summer that can positively affect your health:


1: Get Out Into The Sunshine Without Sunblock

Although going against what most physicians stress due to concerns of premature aging and skin cancer, it is important to get outside in the sunshine without sunblock, especially when the sun is right over the top of you. That is the time when your shadow is at its shortest. The body needs UVB radiation to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D is integral to your health and aids in things like balancing hormones, bone and intestinal health, and your immune system. The amount of sunshine you need is determined by being in the sun about half the time it would take for your skin to burn. Lighter skinned people, those with blond hair and blue eyes, need much less time in the sun for their bodies to produce the necessary amount of Vitamin D, while darker skinned people need more time. Springtime is when Vitamin D stores are at their lowest.

During the summer, the body stores Vitamin D and uses it during the winter, by springtime, it is nearly all used, which is why your body needs the sunshine to rebuild your reserves during the summer


2: Consume Plenty of Foods Rich In Antioxidants Like Blackberries and Blueberries.

The antioxidants that you eat will offset any of the free radical damage you might get from excess sun exposure.


3: Remove Just One Thing That Is Less Than Healthy From Your Routine

Don’t have ice cream after your meal or eliminate a frappuccino, if it is part of your afternoon ritual. Not only will eliminating just one less than healthy habit make incremental health changes, when we make personal challenges and achieve them, but it also encourages us to make more of them.


4: Take Cold Showers or Cold Baths

The research about cold baths and showers is just beginning to surface. Cold showers and baths have benefits like increasing the immune system, increasing circulation, and for men, it has been shown to increase testosterone and to help with fertility.


5: Do Something Good For Someone Else by Extending Generosity Toward Them

Not only is doing something nice good for someone else, but it is also good for your own health.Sociability is a major component to human survival and health. There are some major benefits to being generous and helping others. Different neurotransmitters are released in the brain when you help someone through generous acts, which are essential for your health, so get involved in volunteering or charity.

Summertime is a time of environmental transition, which also makes it an excellent time to make small transitions to your own health and routine that can have major benefits for your health.




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