We’ve all heard that old saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. I feel like this perfectly describes why we encourage lab testing here at Pure Prescriptions. We believe it’s better to be in the “know” when comes to health. But we also understand that lab testing, from an outside view, can seem daunting. Hopefully this blog series will help dispel some fears, teach you how to get started with testing and show you how being fully informed can benefit your daily living.


Did You Know That Anyone Can Order Lab Testing?

Years ago, the only ways to get any blood tests were by going directly through your doctor. For me at times, it felt like I had to constantly beg my physician to add certain markers to my panel. They would judge me; tell me they were unnecessary, which really angered me that my health questions were not being addressed or being taken seriously. Thankfully, now you can simply order your own tests privately and if you wish to have your physician read them for you, this is your personal choice. There is a wonderful freedom having control over your testing and being able to share them with any health professional you wish to see.


Here at Pure Prescriptions, we offer a full suite of lab test options from simple Vitamin D3 level checks to comprehensive blood panels with multiple biomarkers and tests in between to fit any budget.


lab testing In 3 Easy Steps



Visit our Lab Services page with the link below:



Once you’re here, you can shop by several categories or even by what’s on special that week.


Chose the lab test that fits your needs. Choose from hundreds of blood tests starting at just $20. We offer you access to over a thousand clinical lab tests and health panels to help you understand and monitor your health and wellbeing & Voila!



It truly is that easy…but of course, We are here to assist you as well. Give us a call if we can offer our guidance through the process, we’re happy to help. You can reach us at (800) 860-9583


It’s really is empowering to take control of your health with lab testing. I found that the excellent pricing available were just as good as my out of pocket expenses going through my physician and insurance, often times it was less expensive and I liked not having to mess with insurance and beg to get tests covered.

So give it a try! I’m here to help if you need assistance navigating the portal or to answer questions on lab test markers. Welcome to the future of health care!



Frequently Asked Questions

You can monitor your wellness and be proactive in the prevention and early detection of disease or adverse conditions. Our lab tests are for your information, but are not intended to be a substitute for examination or consultation with a physician or other appropriate healthcare provider.

Your Health

Lab tests can identify risk factors of disease or adverse conditions that include important information that can help you and your doctor target lifestyle changes.

Tests can identify risk factors of disease or adverse conditions and include important information that can help you and your doctor target lifestyle changes.


Actively participate in your healthcare. Obtaining your test results before you arrive at your doctor’s office, will allow you to prepare your questions and may eliminate the need for a follow-up visit.

Create Peace of Mind

Knowing that your tested levels are “Normal” will likely relieve any stress you had about the conditions for which you were tested. Additionally, your results will establish your baseline for future monitoring on the Ulta Lab Tests dashboard. Your dashboard will show you if any lifestyle changes that you have made have had a positive impact!


Your time and on your terms. Review your tests results from the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient for you, 24/7 via web or on a mobile device. Choose to have your blood drawn from one of over 2,500 state and federally certified blood-draw centers (patient service centers) nationwide. There’s likely one near your home, workplace, school or play. Your confidential results are available online within 1 to 2 business days for most tests.

Track Your Progress

We provide you a cutting-edge healthcare platform that helps you track your biomarker progress over time and measures the effectiveness of the actions that you are taking to improve your health and wellbeing.

Have Access to Thousands of Tests

Want tests that your insurance doesn’t cover or that you don’t have a doctor’s order for? Now you can have those tests quickly and inexpensively through Ulta Lab Tests.

Lab Testing is Safe, Secure and Private

We provide you with a private and secure online account where you will access your orders, coordinate the collection of your blood or urine specimen with one of 2,500 blood draw centers (patient service centers), and privately retrieve and monitor your test results. Within 1-2 business days after your blood is drawn or urine collected, your lab results are viewable to you on your personalized healthcare dashboard. Your information is stored in our safe and secure web-based platform that helps you visualize and easily understand your biomarkers and health data. You can elect to share your results with your physician and healthcare professionals if you choose.

Maintain Privacy – No One Else Will See Your Test Results

We value your right to privacy and take this very seriously. Unless we are required by law to release results to someone else (as in the case of some communicable diseases that have to be reported to the state, county and or public department of health), only Ulta Lab Tests, our affiliated laboratory’s professional staff and you will see your results.

Get discounted rates on your Lab Test, up to 80%, now online on our parters platform. Our partners, Ulta Lab Testing have negotiated significant national pricing discounts, with the same CLIA certified labs that most doctors utilize. Ulta has affiliated with Pure Prescriptions to pass along these savings to you. Our discounts can be up to 80% off the patient self-pay price charged by the labs and can significantly reduce your cost of healthcare if you are insured with a high deductible, uninsured or underinsured.

  • Anyone, regardless of whether there is a medical health plan in place or not.
  • Anyone who wants to proactively monitor his or her health.
  • Those who are “heavy users” of medical testing, where insurance does not cover their testing (Ulta Lab Tests has no waiting periods or pre-existing condition limitations on lab testing).
  • Anyone with a high deductible insurance plan or with deductibles that are much too high to pay.
  • Anyone with a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan.
  • Anyone with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plan.
  • Anyone in a “waiting period” for other insurance.
  • Anyone with a mini med or limited benefit health plan.
  • Anyone with a temporary major medical plan.
  • Part time employees.
  • Independent contractors.
  • The uninsured.
  • Anyone who has insurance and has policies that do not cover laboratory tests or specific laboratory tests.
  • Anyone who can’t afford to have his or her dependents on a group plan.
  • Self-funded plans where the employer wants to save money on their company’s health benefits plan.
  • Anyone who needs frequent lab tests for the same ailment or condition.
  • Anyone with an ongoing medical condition not covered by his or her health plan.
  • Associations and Unions.
  • Associations with members who require frequent lab tests including medical conditions, truck drivers, and others.
  • Families who cannot afford health insurance to provide early diagnosis of severe health issues.
  • Anyone who is under-insured, has high deductibles, or has a health plan without a wellness benefit.