In episode 114 of his video series, Dr. Larson discusses:

I want to tell you about a new sponsor for the show. The product’s name is NewGreens. NewGreens is a superfood project that was formulated fifteen years ago, and we sourced ingredients that were organic and high in antioxidants. Things have changed quite a bit over the past fifteen years, and we came to the point where we wanted to reformulate.

But instead of just changing out a couple of things, we wanted to overhaul and go back to the drawing board. We took a deep dive into studying the difference between new sources for ingredients and learned a lot in the process. We leveraged that new knowledge and we now have three new formulas.

The key features that all of the products have are a common theme. At the top of the list is that we really want to champion US organic farmers. They are a hardy group, and we wanted to feature their hard work. We are sourcing only from the North America. There aren’t any ingredients that are farmed in China. A variety of Chinese imports are contaminated, and we wanted to eliminate the risk. We are proud to support US organic farmers. If you already drink another type of superfoods brand, then you need to call them up and ask where the ingredients are sourced from.


Our goal was to make the highest quality superfood product that is USDA certified Organic, loaded with sprouted and freeze-dried ingredients, and grown right here in North America. This was not possible 15 years ago.

Freeze-dried products are different from spray-dried and drum dried. When they use high heat in drum and spray drying, it kills the enzymes, the nutrients, and it also kills the flavor profile. So then other brands have to cover up the taste with flavors. Freeze drying maintains the product as if it is in the raw form. If you pour water on it, it reconstitutes and tastes exactly as if it were raw. Some of our products are going to have a little real flavoring, and others aren’t going to have any extra flavor enhancers.


NewGreens® Comparison

The chart above is designed to show how our NewGreens® Classic and Minted versions stack up against some of the most popular green drinks. It’s worth mentioning the vast majority of the ingredients of other brands are all geared toward excessive use of sweeteners and  flavoring. While NewGreens® Classic is 100% all real food ingredients, our NewGreens® Minted is only 8% sweetener & flavor. The bit that we use are natural and organic and are a small percentage when compared to other products (Other products listed on the chart above use as much as 30% flavors and sweeteners.

Furthermore, If you are interested in the ingredients of your current product, find out if it is freeze-dried, and if it isn’t, why not? Freeze-dried is where the quality is.

We have travel and single-serving packs that will give you a three-day serving. The mint is delicious and is a light mint flavoring with lemon zest. It is a fantastic drink. Have a look at the first 3 products below and keep on eye out for multiple variants (plant based proteins) & flavors coming out later this Fall!


Recommended ProductS:

NewGreens Classic


NewGreens Minted

NewGreens Superberry

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