First and foremost, I want to let everyone know that we are Open for business and Shipping essential health and nutritional products.

During this volatile time in history, we want to reinforce our commitment to you, your families and to all of those who rely on our nutritional supplements to support their health and well-being. Our commitment to quality, service and transparency has never been more relevant than it is today, and we remain steadfast in our support of you, our valued customers. Additionally, we want to assure you that we are leveraging all of our resources in order to rapidly expand our ability to meet the increased demand that we are experiencing at present.

Please be advised that as a result of the considerable increase in demand for our products, you may experience longer than normal delivery times. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to deliver products to all of our valued customers.



  1. Diligently working with our supply chain, distribution network and brand partners to implement appropriate preventative measures to maintain continued production and delivery of products to our customers.

2.Equipping customer service team with the support and technology they need to enter orders and answer calls from our customers remotely.

3. Running extra shifts with added personnel to meet increased demand in order minimize shipping delays.


IMPORTANT: We want to remind customers to check their emails (spam box too) to check on shipping notifications. As soon as a product leaves our warehouse, we will notify you via email. For many of you reading this, we have most likely already shipped your order.


We truly thank you for turning to Pure Prescriptions for your health needs!

As a family and employee owned and operated business, we sincerely appreciate you as a customer, and your business means the world to us! Thank you for your understanding, patience and your continued support. 😊

Dr. Devin Ryerson
CEO & Founder
Pure Prescriptions, Inc.