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Adding fresh avocado to your meal significantly increases your meal satisfaction, while at the same time; it decreases your hunger. That is what a new study released in the scientific journal Nutrients uncovered. Researchers from the Illinois Institute of Technology took a group of overweight adults and switched out the carbohydrates in their meal and replaced it with a half of a fresh avocado. They then monitored the study subjects’ meal satisfaction and hunger over a period of six hours.

What they found was that by just replacing carbohydrates with a half of a fresh avocado, it increased their meal satisfaction and reduced their hunger. This is something that we need to understand as obesity rates continue to climb. Insulin is what controls our appetite, and the findings of this study answer the key to controlling insulin to maintain a healthy weight. Not only do avocados contain natural fats, which we know are satiating, they also contain fiber, which also helps to control hunger.


The results of this study support what we already know: A diet rich in high-quality fats and low in carbs increases fat burning. As carbs are taken out of the diet and replaced with natural fats, there is a net decrease in insulin production, which is the gateway to fuel partitioning. The result is fat burning. So by taking the carbohydrates out of your diet and substituting them with natural fats like avocados, you can better control insulin production. The lucky side benefit is it not only makes you feel less hungry; you also feel more full.



When you have a high production of insulin, you can try to cut calories and override your food cravings. But eventually, insulin’s influence will win. Your hormones affect the brain and dictate your behaviors and actions. And insulin determines your hunger and appetite, and also your fat accumulation and fat burning ability. So for those who are getting ready for summer and want to make a change, make this one. Instead of having rice, potatoes, or pasta, eat a half of a fresh avocado, and it will help to decrease your appetite and keep you fuller longer.


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