In episode 15, Dr. Larson discusses:

  • A research update that links the gut health and the health of your brain
  • With the aging boomer generation, Alzheimer’s is on the rise
  • For a variety of factors, your gut ecosystem can become imbalanced and promote inflammation
  • If those inflammatory chemicals get outside of the gut and into the circulation, they can travel throughout the bloodstream and up into the brain
  • This can cause inflammation in the brain, which can lead to neurological disorders, as well as the beginnings of Alzheimer’s disease
  • We have about 10 trillion cells in the human body
  • We harbor about 1000 trillion bacterial cells at any time
  • Our human genes total about 20,000
  • We harbor about 2 million to 20 million bacterial genes
  • We are far more bacteria than we are “human”
  • We need to care about our microbiome and how it influences our brain
  • Diet is a major influencer of the gut microbiome
  • Depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD can all be linked to the gut microbiome
  • Things that promote an unhealthy gut microbiome include high sugar foods and bad, unhealthy fats
  • You should focus on a plant-based diet, along with lean, healthy animal proteins and healthy sources of fat


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