Hi, I’m Devin, the founder of Pure Prescriptions.

More Ways to Save $$

Today, I wanted to tell you another way to save more money that’s outside the scope of our auto delivery program. That’s our most popular.

Now, most of you, if you’re hearing this you’re probably already signed up on our e-mail newsletter.

But you want to also make sure that you’re signed up for the text or SMS.

You sign up for that you’re going to save 10% off immediately on your next order.


Exclusive Deals are Advertised on our App

But a little known way to save money that’s even more exclusive than the SMS or text method is going to be our app.

So with our app you’re going to receive exclusive deals and promotions that you don’t get with the e-mail newsletter or texts.

So I’d like to invite and encourage you to download the app today.


As a small family run company we really do appreciate your business. And if you’re not yet a customer of ours, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business.



Dr. Devin Ryerson
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