We are a family-owned company from Encinitas, California that selects real, honest-to-goodness whole food ingredients grown in the USA.

Nutrient dense NewGreens® is a delicious drink mix that your tastebuds and body will absolutely love! We take extra steps to give you the best quality by choosing ultra-low temperature freeze drying + sprouting methods that leave the food in its most natural, healthful raw state for easy digestion and assimilation—Great tasting, 100% organic, vibrant, green juice to make your body smile!

We only use 100% certified organic whole-food, raw and sprouted ingredients sourced from trusted North American and European partners. We never use spray dried juice powders (like the other guys) that leave out important fiber and nutrients.


NewGreens® Features:

  • No Blender or shaker cup required; Mixes with Gentle Stirring
  • Vibrant & Refreshing Great Taste
  • 100% Certified Organic Ingredients, Non-GMO, Gluten Free & Plant Based
  • No Ingredients From China – We Support & Source Predominantly from American Farmers


Meet The Makers

Devin Ryerson Pure Prescriptions CEO

Dr. Devin ryerson

Devin has been at the helm of Pure Prescriptions since the beginning and been in the dietary supplement business since 1998. He has a doctorate from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, was an early adopter of the internet for getting clinically relevant professional supplement brands direct to consumers, pioneered a technology platform for integrative doctors and their patients to communicate more efficiently, and have been recognized by the Nutrition Business Journal with a product merit award and named in their 40 Under 40.

Devin serves as Chairman of the board for REVERT Foundation, a Lake Tahoe based non-profit organization whose mission it is to encourage and inspire youth development by sharing authentic mountain and outdoor experiences and healthy lifestyles for youth. Most enjoyable for Devin is bike rides with his family and teaching his two young daughters how to surf, skateboard and snowboard.

Mark Reinfeld
Plantbased Chef & Formulator

Mark Reinfeld is a widely acclaimed and multi-award winning chef and author of seven books, including the best selling 30 Minute Vegan series and his latest book, Healing the Vegan Way. And was recently inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame.

Mark has over 20 years experience preparing creative vegan and raw food cuisine. Since 2012, he has served as Executive Chef for North American Vegetarian Society’s Vegetarian Summerfest and has offered consulting services for clients such as Google, Whole Foods, Bon Appetit Management, The Peninsula Spa and more.

Dr. Chad Larson Pure Prescriptions

Dr. Chad Larson
Director of Nutrition

Dr. Larson holds a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Southern California University of Health Sciences, graduating with honors. He is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

He particularly pursues advanced developments in the fields of endocrinology, orthopedics, sports medicine, and environmentally-induced chronic disease.

Sourcing NewGreens®

When reformulating a superfood original, it was important to start with the obvious —The Ingredients.

We Believe That The Good Things In Life Take Time. As They Should…

NewGreens® was one of the very first superfood drinks that didn’t taste like pond scum and for nearly 20 years, NewGreens® has developed, evolved and finally arrived into what we firmly believe is our best formulation yet.

It took us 4 years to re-imagine what a Super-Food drink should be. NewGreens® Classic, Minted and SuperBerry is the outcome of patience, persistence and most of all—doing things right.

TRIED, TRUE & TRUSTED…No Cheap & Easy Way

Sourcing ingredients in a global economy is literally cheap & easy. Unfortunately, they’re also ineffective and don’t have much nutritional value.

We Didn’t Want That…

We decided to dig deep, we looked within and we got real with ourselves and decided to choose only ingredients grown by trusted organic farmers in the United States. View our FAQ below to learn more.




Tried & True Isn’t Just A Slogan

In formulating NewGreens® it was very important for us to NOT source anything from China. As history has shown us, if there’s any chance of an ingredient being mislabeled organic when it’s not, or the probability of an ingredient being high in toxic heavy metals, then we want to avoid it. While the other guys source from China, we won’t. EVER!

This was no easy feat for us and this has taken us nearly 4 years in identifying our organic American farms.

Our whole-food ingredients are grown in the USA under easily verifiable USDA Organic guidelines.*

If we can source our ingredients domestically, right here in the USA, then that’s what we do!

TALK IS CHEAP—Real sustainability should be more than a tagline or slogan. We don’t ‘Green Wash’ and that’s why we take manufacturing seriously.

1) We Support & Source Organically from American Farmlands With Strict Environmental Controls

–Never Mainland China That Has No Environmental Standards or Laws

2) We Choose High-Quality Freeze-Drying & Sprouting Methods Giving You The Whole Raw Food – Never Spray Dried

3) We Choose To Use Pouches Manufactured in The U.S.

–Never Wasteful Plastic Canisters That Use 70% More Material

Real Food… Real Transparency

While others talk about the wholesomeness & transparency of their products, we bring it.

Our NewGreens® Classic & Minted use a 30 ingredient base blend. Here are each of those ingredients with their Country of Origin:

All Ingredients are USDA Certified Organic

Organic Kale from USA

Organic Lemon from USA
Organic Sweet Potato from USAOrganic Broccoli from USA
Organic Spinach from USA
Organic Brussel Sprout from USA
Organic Apple from USA
Organic Flax Seed from USA
Organic Oat Bran from Canada
Organic Apple Fiber from USA
Organic Parsley Leaf from USA
Organic Cherry from USA
Organic Raspberry from USA
Organic Collard Green from USA
Organic Blackberry from USA
Organic Blueberry from Canada
Organic Sesame from USA
Organic Amaranth from USA
Organic Quinoa from USA
Organic Millet from USA
Organic Buckwheat from USA
Organic Garbanzo from USA
Organic Lentil Bean from USA
Organic Adzuki from USA
Organic Flax from USA
Organic Sunflower from USA
Organic Pumpkin from USA
Organic Chia from USA
Organic Carrot from USA
Organic Pomegranate from USA

First, let’s define what it means to be organic:

“Organic” certifies a process of how food is grown or produced. It certifies that the farmer doesn’t add pesticides, herbicides, petroleum-based fertilizer, metals or synthetic chemicals to the crop (among other things), and it certifies that the soil must be free from such things for a certain number of years before organic certification is approved.

But organic certification does nothing to address environmental sources of pollution, contaminated irrigation water, and fallout from industrial or chemical factories that might be nearby. A certified organic farmer can use polluted water on their crops and still have the crops labeled “organic.”

Vitamins and nutritional supplements usually use agricultural products as key raw materials. The top vitamin exporting province, Zhejiang, has an alarming level of soil pollution from heavy metal. As matter of fact, one-sixth of China’s farmlands are heavily polluted.

It is estimated that only 2% of imported vitamin and supplement products, including food items are inspected for legitimacy.

Furthermore, vitamin & supplement manufacturers are not required to label the country of origin for any ingredients used on their labels or materials. We beg to differ!








Let’s Get Fresh!

How your ingredients are made matters! Why we choose whole-food + raw


We only use 100% certified organic whole-food, raw and sprouted ingredients sourced from trusted North American farms. We never use spray dried juice powders that are from China that leave out important fiber and vital nutrients.

Read through our FAQ below to learn more.




As you may already know, most all of our ingredients are grown organically, right here in the USA.

But that’s just half the story of what makes NewGreens® the best green drink available… The other half is how we process our ingredients by avoiding high temperature spray drying methods.

We encourage you to learn more about Spray Drying Vs. Freeze Drying Methods

Most all green drink mixes on the market (even the fancy, expensive, high end, celebrity endorsed ones) use cheap spray dried juice powders typically sourced from China.

We Don’t Like Spray Drying Because:

  • Spray Drying Uses Juice Only, omitting the whole-food, leaving key nutrients behind
  • Spray Drying Uses A High Heat that destroys nutrients— It’s Not Raw & Not Good
  • Spray drying uses high levels of unnatural substances or flow agents

When reading your product label (The Supplement Facts Panel) on the back and if it says “juice powder” anywhere on that label, then that ingredient was processed using the juice only and processed using very high heat (in excess of 200 degrees F) spray drying methods.

A: The best way to maintain nutrient density and value is to start with the whole food, not just the juice portion. The best way is also the most expensive way and it’s called Freeze Drying. Freeze drying guarantees that the nutrients in food will stay intact. This method does not use heat and leaves the food in its most natural, healthful raw state.

In addition to freeze drying, we also utilize sprouting for ingredients that would otherwise be difficult for the body to digest.



3 Great Tasting Options