In episode 54 of his video series, Dr. Larson discusses:

There are herbal remedies that do an excellent job helping to boost your immune system and to help your body fight off pathogens. But, they are specific to the individual. Not every herbal remedy works the same for every body type. What does work for all individuals is to limit their sweets, refined sugar, and processed grain food intake.

Just about 100 grams of sugar can suppress your white blood cell production, or neutrophils, for prolonged periods of time, making your body susceptible to illness which allows pathogens, like viruses, to make their way in. White blood cells keep pathogens in check.

By cutting out sugar and grain-based carbs, preventing your immune system from being suppressed, is not only integral to keeping viruses at bay, but also helps your immune system repair and fight against foreign pathogens.  So, to stay healthy this winter, cut out junk food and steer clear of sugar to keep your immune system working at full capacity.

The second simple change you can make is to get enough sleep, or at least, increase the amount of sleep you get when you’re feeling under the weather. Your body won’t repair itself while you are up and active – it repairs and heals while you are sleeping.

So, if you want to increase your body’s defense against a cold or the flu, then make sure not just to get the appropriate amount of sleep, but to get a little extra. Just an hour or two more of sleep at night can help your body fight foreign pathogens to get you back on track and on your feet quicker during the cold and flu season.


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