A recent study showed women in the US feel tired 3.4 days out of the week.

Low energy has a negative effect on many areas of a woman’s life. She may have trouble staying awake at work or while she drives. The exhaustion may cause her to start feeling irritable, sad, or loopy.

It may also begin to affect her sex drive. A low sex drive is a struggle for many women, and unfortunately, not many women set aside the time for a sexual health check.

It’s time to check in on yourself if you’re a woman with little energy and sex drive. We’ve provided plenty of helpful information down below, including options for lab tests.


What is Female Low Energy and Sex Drive?  

Due to many women feeling chronically fatigued, they’ll start to notice a lower desire for sex. It’s important to note that a decreased sex drive doesn’t always indicate a decreased attrition to your partner, but it instead may indicate health issues.

A low sex drive may look like not wanting to have sex as frequently with your partner as you did before or finding it more difficult to be aroused. You may also find yourself quickly losing interest during sexual activities you’ve previously enjoyed.


Risk Factors of Female Low Energy and Sex Drive

There are several risk factors of a decreased energy level and sex drive in women. It’s important to be aware of these factors, especially if you’re experiencing concern regarding your sexual health.

Not getting enough sleep and rest is a major risk factor for low energy. Create a strict schedule for yourself to get to bed on time in the evenings, and start shutting off screens an hour before it’s time to sleep.

Do you enjoy going to the gym? Taking care of your physical health is great, but make sure you also give your body time to recover between workouts. Little recovery time may result in exhaustion.

Stress also plays a part in decreased energy. Feeling anxious and overwhelmed for long periods of time will drain your energy levels before you know it.

Other risk factors include a poor diet and alcohol consumption.


Causes of Female Low Energy and Sex Drive

One cause many women are unaware of is depression. Plenty of women struggle with mental health and depression, and it has a huge effect on their sexual health. In addition to taking a lab test, it’s beneficial to reach out to a trained therapist.

Have you checked in on your thyroid lately? An overactive thyroid can produce too many hormones, and this can cause extreme exhaustion. You may even have an underactive thyroid causing issues.

A common cause of low energy and sex drive is heart-related conditions. Heart disease restricts the amount of blood being pumped through the body, causing fatigue.


What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Female Low Energy and Sex Drive?

It’s imperative to monitor your health in order to address health issues impacting your life. Keep an eye out for these signs and symptoms of low energy and sex drive.

Are you having trouble staying awake during the day, even if you had an adequate night of sleep? You may notice yourself frequently yawning or dozing off during your daily activities.

Brain fog and confusion is also a major symptom of low energy. If you have trouble thinking as you work, your body may be telling you it needs rest.

As far as a low sex drive, you may notice a lack of sexual fantasies or interest in sex. While having sex, a lack of engagement or pleasurable sensations also indicates a low sex drive.

Many women find it helpful to speak to their partner or a trusted friend about their possible symptoms. Your friends may have noticed your lack of energy, and your partner may be concerned about your lack of engagement in the bedroom.


How Is Female Low Energy and Sex Drive Diagnosed?

There is help available for those experiencing exhaustion and a low sex drive. The first step is a proper diagnosis.

Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. Explain the issues you’re experiencing. They’ll then decide which step is best to take next.

Your doctor may ask a list of questions and follow specific guidelines to diagnose you with chronic fatigue, or they’ll order a series of tests to screen things like your thyroid health, insulin levels, and heart health.

Be transparent with your doctor about your low sex drive. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. They’ll advise you on how to improve your sex drive and may even suggest seeing a trained mental health professional or sex coach.


Lab Tests Used to Screen, Diagnose, and Monitor Female Low Energy and Sex Drive

As you perform your own female sexual health check, it’s important to understand the possible causes of your low energy and sex drive. However, it’s not always safe to self-diagnose. Taking a trusted lab test and speaking to a professional will give you clearer answers.

Multiple female low energy tests are available.

Tests used to diagnose energy levels include a metabolic panel, an iron test, a thyroid test, a urinalysis, a T4 test, and a complete blood count (CBC) test. Your vitamin D and magnesium levels may be looked at to learn more.

To monitor your sexual libido, you can test your estrogenprogesterone, and DHEA levels. An imbalance in hormones can cause a low sex drive.

Seeing a gynecologist for a pelvic exam is also beneficial. They’ll look for any major changes in your genital tissues and vaginal area.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about sexual health or female energy lab testing, check out this short Q&A list.

Does testing hurt?

You shouldn’t experience any major pain with blood and urine tests. However, some women experience slight discomfort with needles.

Is It Expensive?

Tests from Ulta Lab Tests are extremely affordable and often cost less than going through your insurance and paying into your deductible.

How Can I Increase Arousal on My Own?

Work on developing your emotional intimacy with your partner. Improve your diet and sleep schedule. Explore your sexual fantasies, and set aside time for sexual activity with your partner.


What You Need to Know About Low Energy and Sexual Health in Women

It’s not uncommon for fatigue to affect the sexual health of women. Many females lose the desire for sex because they feel so exhausted during the day.

Order your lab tests for low energy and sexual health today, and your results will be provided to you securely and confidentially online in 24 to 48 hours for most tests.

Take control of your health with Pure Prescriptions + Ulta Lab Tests today!


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